About Anne-Kathrine Stoffregen

Anne-Kathrine Stoffregen (b. 1946) is a Danish artist. She studied fashion at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen. Her creative talents were inherited from her mother, who had followed the same line of study. Anne-Kathrine has designed costumes for several Danish films, including King Lear. She has taught at the Margrethe Fashion School in Copenhagen and has worked for the Danish women’s magazine “Alt for Damerne.” In the late 90’s she became interested in découpage, which unlike collage, is composed entirely of cut paper.

To commemorate Hans Christian Andersen’s bicentennial birthday in 2005, she produced a series of 24 découpages. Each of the 40×50 cm works depicts a different Andersen fairy tale. They were exhibited at the Farum Culture Centre and at the Hillerød Art Society. They were also featured in a major event at the Danish Royal Library’s Black Diamond during which one of the works was sold at auction for DKK 7000, for the benefit of the Hans Christian Andersen Foundation.

As a patron and member of the Societe des Amis et Mécènes du Château de Fontainbleau (SAMCF) she created a 50×70 cm découpage. It was printed as a poster and sold for 20€ to benefit the restoration of Marie-Antoinette’s boudoir at the Fontainebleau Castle. It is this poster that has now been transformed into her first silk scarf. It is twice the size of the poster, 100×140 cm, and printed on thin silk to appear virtually the same whether viewed from the front or back.
Anne-Kathrine’s second silk scarf is now in production and is dedicated to the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød.

In collaboration with the Danish Consulate General in Shanghai, plans are being studied for selling scarves in China via an online shop which features Scandinavian design. The initial plan calls for Anne-Kathrine to create a series of scarves depicting Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales which are known by most Chinese.